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The Portfolio Composer

Nov 7, 2016

Christopher Tin is a two-time Grammy-winning concert, film, and video game composer.  His works have been performed at Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Disney Concert Hall, and many other venues.  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra recently presented a sold-out concert of his works, which he largely conducted himself.  His albums have peaked at #1 on the Billboard Classical Charts, and he was collaborated with a wide range of artists from numerous genres, from Lang Lang to BT.

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In this episode two-time Grammy winner Christopher Tin discusses how he networked, broke into the industry, and created his own opportunities.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Being curious
  • Making things happen
  • Going for it
  • Breaking into the industry
  • Mentorship
  • Making it as easy as possible
  • Trying
  • Being a fan
  • Developing relationships
  • Being constantly present
  • Audio quality of demos
  • The Drop That Contained The Sea
  • Baba Yetu
  • Establishing yourself as a brand
    • "You need to be a brand & not a commodity."
  • Creating your own product


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