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The Portfolio Composer

Feb 23, 2017

Susan de Weger is passionate about supporting musicians to thrive on and beyond the stage. Originally trained as a French Horn player, she left music to carve a career in business then pivoted back to music to go to grad school. Susan is changing the way we educate musicians through her role as Associate Lecturer in Music (Entrepreneurship) at the Conservatorium of Music in Melbourne, Australia.

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Musician, entrepreneur, and music educator Susan de Weger discusses the role of education and mindset in having a healthy definition of success.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Being damaged & bruised during undergrad
  • Differing versions of success
  • Defining success
  • Rick Ruben's definition of success from The Tim Ferriss Show:

"A successful person is one who enjoys their life, is great at what they do, is curious, and is continually pushing forward & wanting to be better than they were yesterday without beating themselves up about it."


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