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The Portfolio Composer

Jun 1, 2017

Dr. Deborah Simpkin King is a visionary conductor, advocate, and educator with a wide reach of influence. She is Founder and Artistic Director of Schola Cantorum on Hudson, a pro-am choral ensemble dually based in NYC and NJ, focused on new music with socially pertinent programming; and of PROJECT : ENCORE™ the international advocacy initiative in promotion of post-premiere performances of new music.

Her industry leadership takes such additional forms as her Chairmanship of the New York Choral Consortium (since 2012), Coordination of the NJ-ACDA HS Choral Festival (since 1994), and frequent presentations at professional conferences on new music and on choral consortia. She also serves as Director of Arts Ministries at Trinity and St. Philip's Episcopal Cathedral in Newark, NJ.

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Conductor and new music advocate Deborah Simpkin King discusses Project : Encore™, which is dedicated to repeat performances new new choral works.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Project : Encore™
  • Solving the second performance problem
  • Marketing is the issue
  • Setting Project : Encore™ up legally
  • Keeping it free
  • Anonymous reviewers
  • Programming music
  • Pre-vetting the music
  • Submitting pieces to Project : Encore™
  • The cost of running the project
  • Fighting anti-choral bias
  • Consortia
  • Getting director buy-in
    • Know the program and subject matter of your piece
    • Provide an overview
    • Know the ensemble & director
  • Believe


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