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The Portfolio Composer

Nov 19, 2015

Tina Davidson creates music that stands out for its emotional depth and lyrical dignity. Lauded for her authentic voice, the New York Times praised her “vivid ear for harmony and colors.” OperaNews called her works "transfigured beauty." Tina Davidson has been commissioned and performed by well-known ensembles such as National Symphony Orchestra, The Philadelphia Orchestra, OperaDelaware, Kronos Quartet, and most recently by Grammy Award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn.

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In this episode Tina Davidson shares her tips on writing effective grant applications and how to advocate for yourself!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Step by step to building a career
  • Creating a sabbatical for yourself
  • Blessings in disguise
  • Fame and visibility
  • Focusing on the work for today
  • Showing up at concerts and networking
  • Finding, or starting a group, to play your music
  • Keep on doing it
  • Grant writing tips:
    • Follow the guidelines
    • Use language that is coherent and succinct
    • Be engaging
    • Be direct
    • Advocate for yourself & get people to advocate for you
    • Write a good bio
    • Write good program notes


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