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The Portfolio Composer

Jun 16, 2016

Composer/conductor Jonathan Sheffer's career covers classical, opera, dance, and film and television. His compositions includes works for orchestra, solo piano, concertos, two musicals, the opera, Blood On The Dining Room Floor, and scores for television, Hollywood, indie and documentary films. He founded the Eos Orchestra in New York, Red {an orchestra} in Cleveland, and conducted the New York City Opera, American Ballet Theatre and at international festivals.

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Composer and Conductor Jonathan Sheffer discusses how and why composers need to provide meaningful experiences for their audience.

Topics discusses in this episode:

  • It all begins with casual conversations
  • Putting yourself in front of the right audience
  • Finding like-minded individuals
  • Building ambition
  • The Conference of The Birds
  • Crafting accessible music
  • Engaging the performer
  • Composer as conductor
  • Providing meaningful experiences
  • Alarm Will Sound
  • The Knights
  • Composer as curator
  • Classical music as a niche
  • What is success?
  • Be open, be willing, be generous


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