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The Portfolio Composer

Jun 23, 2016

Marie Incontrera is a composer, conductor, pianist, and bandleader whose multi-genre work spans opera, big band, heavy metal, post-modern orchestra, and chamber music. As a composer, Marie's work has been hailed as "deftly woven jazz and gospel elements" and "beguiling" (NY Times). Marie is the bandleader of the Eco-Music Big Band, a multigenerational and unique big band that performs the work of its late founder Fred Ho and provides a platform for the next generation of composers.

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Composer and band leader Marie Incontrera reveals how anything is possible by committing to work harder than anyone else.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Multi-genre music
  • Avant-garde big band
  • Leading an ensemble
  • Starting an ensemble
  • Having a mission
  • How to manage money
  • Organizational skills
  • Having a fiscal sponsor
  • Being willing to work harder than anyone else
  • Anything is possible
  • Pivoting & not letting failure define you
  • Accept that you have to relinquish control
  • Eliminating ego
  • Finding people you trust
  • Jazz economy
  • Keeping the hustle going
  • Focusing on the positive


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