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The Portfolio Composer

Jun 9, 2016

Julia Torgovitskaya, President of iCadenza & CEO of Cadenza Artists Management, is a trained opera singer who relates first-hand to the ever-changing challenges facing performing artists. She has extensive consulting experience, and her writings have been published in international publications. Having earned a Master of Science in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego, Julia is passionate about helping musicians pursue their careers with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Jennifer Rosenfeld, CEO of iCadenza and President & Principal Manager of Cadenza Artists, has extensive experience working with musicians of all genres on identifying and pursuing their professional goals, and overcoming the obstacles that come up along the way. She has also worked with organization leaders on creating a culture of innovation and developing promotional and strategic initiatives. She received her JD/MBA from Stanford Law School and Graduate School of Business.

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Musicians turned coaches and artist managers Julia Torgovitskaya & Jennifer Rosenfeld discuss their business iCadenza and book Awakening Your Business Brain.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Art vs business
  • Business & music skills
  • Mindset
  • Nathan Cole
  • Providing value
  • Assumptions about business
  • Artist management
  • Networking
  • Approaching managers & presenting yourself professionally
  • Waiting for perfection
  • Taking an active role in your business
  • Having a vision
  • Who, what, & why?


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